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We all know how important backlinks are for our ranking, and buying backlink blasts can not only hurt your website's ranking but they can also get your website sand boxed. Too many backlinks at once is not a good thing. That is why we created CommentDrips. Not only can you schedule campaigns and specify how many comments you want posted per day, but you also get a full report.
Easy Campaign Scheduling
All it takes is a few clicks to create your campaigns and begin building links to your URL's.

Return On Investment
Blog commenting gives some of the best quality backlinks out there, 10 times better than profile backlinks.
Automated Backlink Building
Simply create your campaign and take advantage of our fully automated drip feed commenting system.

Full Reporting
Organized and easy to manage reports, so you can easily track your SERP improvement.
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$0.20 Per Comment
$0.18 Per Comment
$0.16 Per Comment
  Number of Comments 250 blog comments 500 blog comments 1000 blog comments
  Number of Campaigns 50 150 Unlimited
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  Full Report img img img
  img is the best automated blog commenting software - period!
Buying Blog Comments are a great way to increase your SEO rank because they are constantly updated with fresh, unique content in a variety of niches, and they rate highly in search engines. By creating blog comments on these posts that point directly to your site, you are building back links from one of the best sources available.